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World Summit of the Indignant, Dissidents and Insurgents. Mexico City, Dec. 7-10, 2012

world-summitFrom Authoritarianism And Social Exclusion To The Insurgency And Indignation

The central purpose of the Summit is to describe and analyze the social uprisings and protest movements that emerged between 2010 and 2012, as  a political communication experience through the Internet and social media in the Arab Spring countries like Egypt, Tunisia Syria, Libya and Morocco, and in Greece, Spain, United States, Chile and  Mexico.

The meeting aims also to discuss some of the preconditions that were behind the emergence of these movements, as the crisis of the global capitalist system that has generated in recent decades large swaths of social exclusion.
One issue that surely will cross in most of the expositions is that of non-violent forms of struggle against authoritarian systems.

The Summit will not be, therefore, the opportunity, as it could be an argumentation coming from the right, for the praise of violence but to try to understand why and how these innovative forms of social insurrection were directed in another way by using more advanced technologies to fight against power.
Event: Tunisian participants : Nadia Khiari (Willis from Tunis) & Jerome Benoit (La Grande
Time & Date:
Friday 7th, 5:45 PM

nadia-khiariNADIA KHIARI
Cartoonist and professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tunisia, she was so shocked by the response of former Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali for the popular uprising in January 2011, that she began to draw a cat to comment on current events. Her series Willis from Tunisia quickly became very popular.

Willis from Tunis est né jeudi 13 janvier 2011, durant le discours du président déchu tunisien qui promettait, entre autres,  la liberté d’expression. Au départ, cette chronique graphique du chat était le moyen de partager avec l’entourage direct de l’auteur, sur facebook,  son ressenti vis-à-vis de la situation historique que les tunisiens vivaient. Sur le ton de l’humour grinçant, le matou chroniquait l’actualité au jour le jour. D’une vingtaine d’amis sur facebook, Willis est suivi par plus de 20 000 personnes aujourd’hui.

NADIA KHIARI, enseignante en arts plastiques, peintre et directrice artistique d’une galerie d’art à Tunis, a sorti un recueil des chroniques de la révolution et publie des dessins dans Siné Mensuel. Elle vient de recevoir le Prix Honoré Daumier lors de la deuxième rencontre de Cartooning for Peace à Caen.”

Livres parus

Willis from Tunis : chroniques de la révolution , édité à compte d’auteur, Tunis. Dessins de janvier, février 2011.
Willis from Tunis 2, Yaka éditions, Tunis. Dessins de mars 2011 à mars 2012.
Willis from Tunis : chroniques de la révolution, éditions de la Découverte, collection Zones, mars 2012. Recueil de dessins de la révolution aux élections.
Willis from Tunis en langue arabe, éditions All prints distributors and publishers, Beyrouth, juin 2012.
“Willis from Tunis was born Thursday, 13th of January 2011, during the speech of the deposed president of Tunisia, which promised, among other things, freedom of expression. Initially, this column graph of the cat was a way to share with the entourage of author, on facebook, his feelings about  the historical situation that Tunisians were living. On the tone of wry humor, the tomcat chronicled the news daily. About twenty friends on facebook, Willis was attended by over 20,000 people today.

Nadia Khiari, painter and art director of an art gallery in Tunis, has released a collection of chronic revolution and publishes drawings in Sine Mensuel. She received the Award Honoré Daumier at the second meeting of Cartooning for Peace in Caen. “

France / Tunis
Installed in Tunisia the past ten years. He belongs to the gallery Artyshow. Discoverer of artistic talents of young Tunisians and offers them the opportunity to expose.After the revolution, he formed a group of graffiti artists, The Zit (Zombie Intervention in Tunisia) using the houses of the family of former dictator and covers the walls with graffiti.It is one of the founders of the site; he achieves the first Tunisian satirical website. Jérôme’s nickname is Lagrande Yakass and he does all the interviews.

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