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Art Groups Host Graffiti Workshop in Downtown Tunis

graffiti-artOpen Art Tunisia and Kif Kif International hosted Vertige Graffik today in downtown Tunis, taking advantage of a deserted building to practice their art.

The five-day graffiti workshop, utilizing two of the building’s facades near the Tunis TGM metro station, will last from today through Saturday, December 15.

Eight Tunisian and French graffiti artists will participate in the workshop, including two Tunisian female graffiti artists.

Graffiti art in downtown Tunis (Photo credit: Paul Rosenfeld)

“It is the first time that we have female presence in a Tunisian graffiti event,” said Hend Tekaya, the founder and secretary general of Open Art Tunisia.

The event aims to encourage young artists and public art in Tunisia.

French-based Kif Kif International and the post-revolution Tunisian initiative Open Art Tunisia aim to encourage art and public access to art.

Amira Masrour 10 December 2012
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