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Photographs Of The Arab Spring Show The Frustrations Of Waiting

ZiedBenRomdhane-DjerbaEDIT1Most photographs of the Arab Spring are either of boisterous crowds filling up public squares and shouting in angry protest or exultation, or of devastating clashes between authorities and rebels. A lesser-seen side to the wave of revolutions that began in Tunisia in December 2010 with the self-immolation of a fruit-seller, is the frustrating limbo that people are thrown into during conflicts. It’s this aspect that Tunisian photographer Zied Ben Romdhane shows in Waiting Zones, an exhibition of photographs on display at Clark House.

The people in Ben Romdhane’s pictures are waiting for change, for food, to return home, to get back to work. A large number of them are refugees fleeing violence in their countries or working class immigrants desperate to get back. There are images of tired, weather-beaten men from Libya, Egypt, Somalia and Bangladesh, biding time in camps near the Tunisian border. A top shot of the airport in Djerba in Tunisia shows Libyans jostling for a plane to take them home (see image). Ben Romdhane told us that the plane never arrived; the Libyans hung around for weeks before leaving by ship. In one of the photos, of Tunis’s central square, a sea of women in colourful headscarves stands in anticipation of a new national constitution. In another image, a police station that has been reduced to rubble in the Tunisian city of El Kef has a visitor—a bemused old lady, who is waiting, perhaps, for peace.

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Libyans waiting at the airport in Djerba, Tunisia. Photo: Zied Ben Romdhane.








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