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Selma Feriani Gallery, Sidi Bou Said


Selma-Feriani-Gallery-logoSelma Feriani Gallery
8 Place Sidi Hassine , 2026 Sidi Bou Saïd
+216 71 744 883
10:00 - 13:00, 16:00 - 19:45
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Selma Feriani Gallery Tunis is aiming to build a platform for production and exhibition of contemporary art projects in the emerging scene of Tunis. It is a scene of constant growth in the last decade and especially in the recent century splitter. Selma Feriani would like to be active and involved in that growth and the search for exchanges and connections between the international and local scene .

Selma Feriani Gallery would arise as a link between the artist she defends and the professionals involved, critics, museum directors, curators and collectors-aware that no scene can expand without the participation of all these bodies. Among them, Selma Feriani seeks to stimulate the growth of this scene from the importance and necessity of collecting as an essential part of this expansion.

The body of artist’s works represented are predominantly concept-based aiming towards expressive or descriptive content. These artists represent not only an attitude, but an ethos concerning art’s role in a wider intellectual, cultural, social and political context. The guiding principles in selecting an artist have been an instinctive conviction about the importance or potential of their work and a perception that within their chosen field of endeavour they are leaders. Thus there is no stylistic or generational thread running through the program but strong elements of aesthetic and intellectual stimulation.






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