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Nidhal-Chamekh-De-quoi-revent-les-martyrsby Ismael Leamsi, translated by Pierre Alain Parfond - 01.2014
This issue marks the last installment of a six-quarter cycle of the Gallery that spotlights artists from the Maghreb leading up to the 2014 edition of the Marrakech Biennial. Each subsequent gallery will showcase artists who deal with the every day in their work to reveal the conceptual threads and regional connections that underlie the expanding North African art scene. Previously, Alya Sabti focused on Morocco with Younes Baba-Ali, Everyday Activist, Wafa Gabsi addressed Tunisia in The Daily Route, Yasmina Reggad (/A.R.I.A/) looked at Algeria with The Economy of Hope [Working Title], Alya Sebti and Holiday Powers investigated the use of new media to represent the quotidian with Poetics of the Everyday, and Bérénice Saliou explored the everyday act of mobility and the complications that arise in Cartography of the Everyday.They saw it arise before being able to master it themselves. They watched it, questioned it, and domesticated it. Butterflies burn their wings endlessly on it. Humans perpetually create it. To each their fire tragedy. When humans mastered fire, they invented art.









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