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Balmorée Arts, Tabarka

 Balmoree-arts-tabarka-logo21 Rue El Farabi
Tabarka 8100 Tunisie
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+216 53 171 510

Shane Park, artiste plasticien américain, qui vient de s’installer à Tabarka, a ouvert sa galerie et atelier d’arts plastiques au 21 rue El Farabi, au cœur de la cité du corail, dénommée « Balmorée arts ».

The name Balmorée is quite unique. It is derived from the small West Texas town of Balmorhea. Our namesake is situated near the base of an arid mountain range and has one claim to fame: It boasts one of the world’s most spectacular spring-fed pools, an oasis in the desert. The name of the town is a conglomeration of the three land developers that established it in 1906: Balcum, Morrow, and Rhea.

It is with that same vision that Balmorée Arts was formed. Utilizing the inspiring beauty of the surrounding Kroumirie Mountains and Mediteranean Sea, we collaborate with local artists and artisans to develop and promote the visual arts.

Creative expression is the manifestation of culture, tradition, innovation, and beauty. Artists exist within all societies: Songwriters, potters, storytellers, fashion designers, painters, jewelry makers, musicians, and filmmakers…the list goes on. Each of these represents the pulse of society. Balmorée Arts exists to facilitate that societal pulse through the visual arts.

Set upon hillsides at the edge of the sea, Tabarka is home to 17,000 people. The region is known for its lush green vegetation; and the Mediterranean coastline is marked with surreal beaches and pristinely blue waters. Notable sites include Les Aiguilles (The Needles), an impressive grouping of rock-formed spires; the Genoese Fort atop Tabarka Island; and the Roman-era basilica and amphitheater.






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