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Tunisia host post-revolutionary art exhibition

tunisia-host-post-revolutionary-art-exhibitionThe revolution of January 14th has begun a new era in Tunisia’s politics and in its society.

Here at the Museum of the City of Tunis a Tunisian artist is exhibiting his work under the title of a Revolution…and not just. Press TV spoke to the artists about the post-revolution symbolism behind his work.

The event was also attended by the Tunisian Minister of Culture who had highlighted the importance of artists in the cultural development of post-revolution Tunisia.

And now many upcoming artists such as Mourad Harbaoui are riding on the wave of the revolution. They are breaking free of the censorship that existed under the deposed Ben Ali regime to express the frustrations of a nation that had been bubbling beneath the surface.

Many of the Tunisians here see it upon themselves that their new Tunisia is a new era of expression. It seems that the artistic censorship of the past 23 years has not removed the artistic passion of Tunisian artists, but it has given them a new direction.

Sat Apr 9, 2011
Amin al-khatib, Press TV, Tunis
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